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Whether you have in-house counsel or you wish to supplement your existing legal team, Mehtalegal can efficiently meet your business's needs. We provide general counsel services to start-ups and existing businesses on an as-needed basis. General counsel services are essential in the following areas:


Young Lawyer

Litigation Management & Awareness means managing existing litigation, including handling litigation in-house or supervising outside counsel. This also includes identifying and quickly dealing with potential disputes so they don't escalate to litigation. Whether it's dealing with vendors who refuse to pay or with customers looking to exploit a company, Mehtalegal plays a critical role in navigating a company through the pitfalls of litigation.


Contract Paper Signing

Whether you are a large company with an HR department or a small company who can't yet afford one, having an attorney assist with all facts of HR protects your company in the long run. This includes assisting with the on-boarding and termination of employees, monitoring employee complaints, and ensuring compliance with local wage and hour laws. Mehtalegal's strengths lie in its ability to identify problem areas and quickly and efficiently resolve them.


Business Meeting

The foundation of any successful business lies is its documents, be it its vendor agreements, employee contracts, and even basic invoices. Mehtalegal brings a wealth of experience in reviewing and drafting business documents to ensure that your business will never be caught flat-footed.

General Counsel Services: Projects
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