New Year = New Laws

Here are just a few of the 898 new laws that go into effect in California this year, enacted by our legislatures and the numerous propositions that we vote on every election cycle.

(1) Cell Phones: You are no longer allows to hold your phone while driving. Your phone must be mounted. Veh. Code 23123.5.

(2) Minimum Wage: The minimum wage goes up from $10/hour to $10.50/hour, gradually increasing to $15/hour by 2022. Labor Code 245.5.

(3) Guns: Californians need to turn in gun magazines carrying more than 10 rounds; background checks are requiring before buying ammunition. Penal Code 32310.

(4) Sexual Assault: The law is clarified that a victim cannot consent to sex while unconscious or incapacitated by drugs or alcohol. Penal Code 1203.065.

(5) School Mascots: The term "Redskins" is no longer allowed for sports teams. AB-30.

(6) Drinking & Haircuts: It is now legal for beauty salons and barber shops to serve free wine and beer to clients until 10 p.m. B&P 23399.5

(7) Toilets: All single-user toilet facitilies must be all-gender. AB-1732.

(8) Right-to-die: Terminally ill patients can use experimental drugs to ascertaining when they want to end their lives. SB-128.

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