CAUTION: Travelers Re-Entering U.S.

Updated 1/31/17

The new immigration restrictions issued on Saturday are not just impacting those from the seven banned countries (Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya). They could also impact anybody traveling with a green card.


Attempting to re-enter the U.S. may cause you to be detained. At the present moment (Monday, January 30), just two days after the executive order went into effect, there is still much confusion on (1) what the law means, and (2) how it will be carried out. Here is what we know.

(1) If you have permission to enter the U.S., and you are from the Seven Banned Nations, you will likely be detained at your port of entry. People have been forced back to their port of origin.

(2) If you have permission to enter to the U.S., and you are NOT from the Seven Banned Nations, but your green card indicates that your country of birth is from one of the Banned Nations, you may be detained.

(3) Border enforcement has also been detaining persons who simply hold green cards, or other valid basis for entry, regardless of country of origin.

What to do?

(1) If you feel like you may be harassed/detained/denied re-entry into the U.S., consider putting off your trip, and consulting with an attorney. Please note, though, that this is a very confusing time - even attorneys cannot predict how you will be handled at the port of entry.

(2) If you absolutely must travel, carry supporting paperwork with you, including copies of your green card/visa application, etc., even so far as a utility bill, showing where you live in the U.S. Immigration officials are supposedly detaining people for the purposes of "vetting" i.e. checking their background. You can choose to provide them with as much evidence of your proper immigrations status as you can.

What to do if detained?

(1) DO be polite and civil.

(2) DO cooperate my providing them a copy of your passport, visa, etc.

(3) DO NOT volunteer information.

(3) DO NOT sign any paperwork from immigrations officials. Do NOT sign or waive away your green card.

(4) DO insist on speaking with an attorney, and contacting your family to let them know where you are.

We''ll update this page as things change.

COURT RULINGS SUMMARY (updated 1/31/17)

(1) If you are already here, and authorized to enter the U.S., you cannot be removed. Read the ruling here. Darwish v. Trump (E.D.N.Y. January 28, 2017) 17 Civ. 480.

(2) (Limited ruling). Grants access to attorneys for legal permanent residents detained in Virginia; prevents removal for 7 days. Aziz, et al. v. Trump (Dist. of VA, January 28, 2017) 17-cv-116

(3) (Limited ruling) Prevents removal of two individuals out of Seattle-Tacoma Airport (Dist. of WA, January 28, 2017) (ruling to be posted).

(4) (Limited ruling) Puts the order on hold, allowing passengers in Boston's Logan Airport to deplane and be on their way. (ruling to be posted).

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